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Adam Holloway and Exploration Architecture

Lilypad Tables

Design of 3D printed tables, inspired by the structural ingenuity of the Giant Amazonian Waterlily, built as a part of an exhibition showcasing Exploration Architecture's practice and work.


Exploration Architecture

An immersive display and striking 3D printed installation showcasing Exploration’s working philosophy and embracing 3D printing’s capacity for radically increased resource efficiency, the exhibition’s central installation took the form of a long sweeping display designed to showcase an innovative topological optimisation technique – a structural optimisation computer programme based on the adaptive growth patterns of trees and bones.

Natural Inspirations

Starting from the principles embodied by the Giant Amazonian Water Lily, the design for the 3D printed tables developed through a number of digital experiments using algorithms that could generate minimal material structures based on simulated forces.

Topological Optimisation

The form of the table was sculpted with input from the topological optimisation algorithms into an elegant form that used a minimal amount of material, deposited only where it was needed through 3D printing technology.

Project Gallery

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